Marie-Ève Bonneau

EXPERIENCED Facilitator, Existential Consultant, Initiation Guide


Hello Brave One. My name is Marie-Ève and I’m the human being behind these words. I support courageous souls like you in transforming life challenges into powerful rerouting and growth opportunities. I feel so blessed that I get to work with you!

I specialize in Soul-Initiations—rites of passage like chronic illness that have the potential to catalyze unparalleled self-development and transformation. With the right navigational tools and support difficulty can be fruitful. I support you in seizing the invitation to change instead of resisting it.

Together we alchemize difficulty into an opportunity to live more deliberately. I assist you in rewriting your story so that it’s in better-alignment with the deepest truths and highest wisdom you carry within. I can help you find your light in the darkness.

Life's wake-up calls are potent doorways full of grace. What shows up is what your soul needs for its current phase of growth and expansion. This is your opportunity to ask the big questions, and to listen to the voice of your soul. No matter where you’re starting from, you contain within you all that you need to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Marie-Ève teaches from a place of personal experience and wisdom that can only come from walking your path and diving deep. This is a rare gift in a teacher. She is beautiful soul steeped in poetry and wisdom.
— Nyk Danu

My Background


The true depth of what I teach and share comes directly from my own healing journey and successful recovery from Lyme disease (and multiple co-infections). My own full-throttle 7-year initiation catapulted me into answering the call of my soul and rebuilding my life in alignment with the truth at my center. Read more about my story and my philosophy HERE.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Philosophy of Religion (with a focus on mysticism, rites of passage, and ancient wisdom traditions) and am currently completing my Master Degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary where I specialize in Eco-Existential Psychotherapy and Posttraumatic growth. I’ve recently innovated a peer-reviewed group therapy program for those living with chronic illness inspired by my lived experience and by current evidence-based research in the field.

As a certified facilitator of yoga and expressive/movement arts, meditation, and breath-work I taught embodied presence practices for over a decade and created an arts therapy modality called ‘Dancing the Wisdom Body’ to help people creatively embody their life stories and heal from the inside out. I’ve spent over 20 years as a student of personal growth and self-development and weave all that I’ve gathered and tended into my growing body of work. I'm so deeply inspired and passionate about what I do! It is my greatest joy to share the magic of this work with you!

Marie-Ève is able to weave her astute knowledge and understanding of sacred practices, ritual, and the mystical into a body of work that is distinctly her own. She is a multi-disciplinary artist in this sense, a skilled teacher and performer who has an incredible personal commitment to her work.
— Veronica Benz

A little more about me and where I come from…


I'm French Canadian, and was raised on the gorgeous wild lands of British Columbia, Canada. I'm inspired by living with reverence and in a way that honors all of life. My writing and work reflect my love of wisdom, nature, and beauty.

I love mornings spent writing, the sound of wind in the leaves, cold plunges in the river on hot summer days, dancing in bare feet, and spending time with the people I love. I collect driftwood, feathers, and pebbles that I sculpt into mobiles, dreamcatchers, and jewelry.

I am a gentle soul, a fierce warrior, and a mystic continually attuning to source and adjusting my sails to capture and soar on the winds of grace. It is an honor to be here and it is such a privilege to do what I do. Life is a miracle!

Marie-Ève is a beautiful writer. Illness may not have been the path she would’ve chosen, but the wisdom that comes from walking this path is a blessing for each and every person touched by her work. She is a gift for a world in need.
— Mollie McEvoy

Let's work together:

The bigger the challenge, the more potent the growth opportunity.

one-on-one support

group programs

reflections on healing, transformation, and self-actualization