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one-ON-one centering SESSIONS


Welcome BRAVE Soul,

Are you ready for your life to reflect who you truly are at your core?

We each have the potential to align our lives with the truth of who we are. While this looks slightly different for each of us, when we come into alignment our lives express and reflect our unique essence and soul story.

If we accept the invitation at the heart of our suffering we can use our pain to become more loving, wise, and integrated beings. Our challenges are sacred opportunities to move into greater wholeness, alignment, and integrity.

We tend to all exist in our own blind spot. Often our wisdom is hard to access when we need it most.

My offering is to accompany you through your challenges, which are really initiation into greater wholeness. Together we can empower the choices that will honor you and get you in touch with your truth.

The fruits of our work together include greater awareness, insight, and access to new possibilities. 

You are the master of your own journey and together we can get in touch with what is required for you to move forward with greater clarity, inspiration, and a sense of purpose.

I look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

xo Marie-Ève

Ask yourself these questions to find out if working with me is a good fit for you:

  • Do you feel that the life you’re currently living doesn’t actually ‘fit’ or reflect who you are?

  • Do you have a health condition or chronic illness that you have yet to be able to 'reframe' as a potent growth opportunity?

  • Is a past trauma preventing you from fully enjoying your present?

  • Do you 'miss yourself' as though parts of you are not present in your work or your relationships?

  • Are you having trouble figuring out who you really are or what you ‘should’ do with your life?

  • Do you feel like your your self-care is inadequate or like you don’t have rituals in place to ground you and keep you connected?

  • Do you know deep down that there is more to you and more to life than your current situation reflects?


I’m here to help.


I started offering one-on-one sessions 'officially' because I receive more and more requests from people all over the world asking if I'd be willing to partner with them in transforming their life challenges into potent growth opportunities.

The answer is YES!

I specialize in chronic illness, 'dark night of the soul' experiences, ritual and self-care, and soul-centric human development including finding greater meaning and purpose.

Through my own healing journey with Lyme disease, I've had to learn to navigate the dark, redefine success on my own terms, and expand my capacity to be with suffering and loss.

I believe the heart can bear it all.

As a result of my own extreme undergoing I feel clearer and more myself than I ever have. I've been initiated into a more whole and integrated version of myself. I live a life of greater meaning and purpose than I did before my illness.

You can learn more about my story and my creds HERE.

Check out my reflections on the human experience HERE.

I work with my clients for a series of weeks...long enough for profound transformation and healing to occur and take root. We know our work together is complete when you feel grounded in who you are and you are inspired to move forward with a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

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Fees for One-on-One Centering Sessions operate on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility.

*PLEASE NOTE: Any and all information you provide, including your email address, is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for the purpose of supporting you, the client, in the best way possible.