my love is made visible through my work in this world.

It has been such a pleasure reading your exquisite writing! What an incredibly beautiful gift you have. I look forward to reading more of your words.
— Ginny Williams
I want to say how much I appreciate who you are. Every time I read your writing I am SO moved. You are deep, insightful, and wise.
— Martina Sirm
This event was a wonderful balance of lightheartedness and deep work! I loved being together as women and supporting each other. I am walking away with confidence, an open heart and a renewed commitment to myself. I’m inspired to keep seeking out and walking my path. What a gift! Thank you.
— Laura Wayne
Thank you Marie-Ève for such an incredible evening of ceremony. You are such a lovely, gentle, mentoring sister in this growing community.
— Lauren Côté
Thank you for sharing all your amazing insights, they have helped my friends, family, and I in times of need. You are a strong, potent, and wise soul worth knowing about!
— Paola Galindo Cuervo
Thank you for your words, for sharing your thoughts , and for being you. I appreciate your messages dearly.
— Brittany Lyons
I think that is so amazing that you have the courage to share your story with others! I came across your post about self-love and it truly touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.
— Mark G.
I love your sharing about turning suffering into service. Very inspiring! Your writing resonates with me and I feel the love and healing energy eminating from your heart. Keep writing and sharing. Thank you!
— Lara Shannon
Beloved keeper of stillness, truth and beauty, your brilliance is exquisite. Thank you. Shine on.
— Francesca Oldani
I’m blown away at how seamlessly you articulate exactly what I’m going through and need to hear. What a gift to have read this at the end of my day.
— Nikki Davidson
Absolutely beautiful reflections! You speak to many important points regarding culture and wellness. Thank you for sharing some of your journey and your wisdom Marie-Ève—and for sharing it in such a beautiful way!
— Karlee Fellner, PhD
Marie-Ève is able to weave her astute knowledge and understanding of sacred practices, ritual, and the mystical into a body of work that is distinctly her own. She is a multi-disciplinary artist in this sense, a skilled teacher and performer who has an incredible personal commitment to her work.
— Veronica Benz
We all need that sense of validation that springs from discovering reflections that affirm our own being. Thank you for being here and providing that valuable experience.
— Patrick McKenney
What I love most about your classes is the synergy of physical and spiritual practice. I always leave your classes feeling greater mental clarity and inner peace. Thank you.
— Rachel Small
I am so blown away by your writing, your depth, and your sincerity.
— Jennifer Steed
Thank you for everything. I really appreciate the work you do and I just want you to know that I find your warmth and light inspiring. You are a very beautiful soul.
— N.D. Haywood
Your writing really resonates with me. I was in the midst of a very rough weekend when I found your blog. Your words helped me to cope and to move through the murk. Thank you for sharing your perspective. It is needed and appreciated.
— Moriah Nelson
I deeply cherish and admire your writing. I connect to your words on so many levels it brings me to tears.
— Natalie Farmer
You put into words what my soul has been whispering to me with increasing insistence.
— Katya D'Oray
Reading you makes me feel deeply, cry, understand and find the hope to go on even when it seems impossible. Your words help me tremendously because when I read them I remember that I am not alone. You are so inspiring!
— Nicole H.
Thank you for your words. I have been dealing with a chronic illness for 11 months now and your words convey how I’ve been feeling. Thank you so much for sharing!
— Jen F.C.
Your writings are so compassionate, thoughtful, and just beautifully done. You speak to the experiences so many of us are enduring...
— Christi Anne
Thank you so much for your words, and your insight. You are wonderful, authentic...a light! Thank you for sharing who you are.
— Maria Muster
I love your work! Thank you for continually contributing beauty to the world, with love, kindness, and selflessness.
— Stephanie Mann
Your eloquence, honesty and strong words are such an inspiration each week, so many people benefit from hearing your reflections. Amazing!
— Melanie A.
Thank you for an absolutely lovely and wonderful evening. The moment I stepped into the sacred space you created I felt at peace. You set such a beautiful tone and I am so happy that I got to experience this event.
— Kenna Burima
Your gentle yet determined commitment to healing and growing in the face of such extreme challenge continues to inspire me.
— Munir Rashid
I’m reading your latest and inside, with every sentence, I’m screaming, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ I can’t help but hang onto every single word. Your writing is amazing! It pulls the strings in my soul.
— Olya Krasavina
I love your articles. I’ve been reading them for awhile now. I feel your words resonate and remind me to pick myself up when I am vibrating a little lower than I know I can tune into. Thank you.
— Angelica Miller
You radiate such inspiration, beauty, truth, and love. Thank you.
— Karuna Erickson
I feel your words as I’m reading them. You often give me goose bumps! You are such a bright light in this crazy world.
— Amanda Lowes
Beautiful writing! Thank you for the beautiful way you open your heart and help us to open ours!
— Barbara Searles
I love your blog! You’re an amazing writer! I just read your post about building a tribe and grieving relationships. I had tears it rings so true with me. Your writing is beautiful, true, and real. I look forward to following your blog, it’s one of the best blogs I’ve come across!
— Angela Kicker