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How Difficult Times Can Reveal What Matters Most

It was one of the deepest and most frightening crashes I’ve had. I felt like I was dangling on the edge of an abyss. Too sick to actually be a person, I felt most at ease with my eyes and mouth closed—face-to-face with the dark black home of all that is and all that will ever be.

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True Intimacy: Being Present WIth Life

I’ve had the experience many times of losing track of myself or of chasing my own tail without realizing I’m doing it. Like anyone, I can get swept up in checking my phone, trolling social media, and doing what needs to be done to keep the ‘hamster wheel’ going.

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What To Do When The Sympathy Runs Out

Months (or years) have passed since your break-up and you’re still talking about it; your friends can’t stand the mention of your ex's name. You’re still suffering physically and emotionally from some lagging chronic illness; people have long stopped calling to ask how you are.

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Finding Solace in Impermanence