Soft Woman: An Invitation to Stay Open

Soft woman,

Do not harden yourself to survive.

Tenderness is one of your wisest guides.

Soft woman,

Your gentleness is your strength.

Your willingness to feel it all,

Is the marrow of your aliveness.

Soft woman,

Do not try to numb this current of feeling,

Do not try to close the tap or damn the river.

To dull sensation is to dim your connection to all that is.

Soft woman,

Cry all over town if you must, but stay open.

These tears are holy water,

This trembling is sacred vibration.

Soft woman,

Do not try to build walls, for later,

You’ll just try to break them down.

Do not close your heart in an attempt

to keep the devastation at bay.

Soft woman,

If you were meant to wear armor,

You would have been born with scales,

And not this tender canvas of skin.

You were made soft with eyelashes to catch tears,

The way spider webs catch dew.

With delicate hair caressed by the wind,

With fingertips, swaying hips, and

Freckles that praise the sun.

Soft woman,

Tremble and quake,

Crack and break,

Fall to your knees if you must but,

Continue rising like the dawn.

Feel each wave cresting,

And remain open.

This is the medicine the world needs.

Continue bowing to the pulse of life,

In your belly, your throat, and your bare-heart.

Keep unwinding into the unknown,

Keep falling in love with yourself,

And with life, in spite of it all.

Soft woman,

This is why you came.

This is why you’re here.

The bliss and devastation,

And every texture in between,

The building and breaking,

The rapture and the rupture.

Soft woman,

You are an instrument for this song,

A ray of light of the beloved.

You were made to dance and to be danced.

In the now, into infinity, and beyond.

Soft woman,

No order of shattering can extinguish your heart.

And even when this precious body breaks down,

When tiredness sets into your sacred bones,

And the time comes to leave this world…

You will be set free into this love,

Soft woman,

as the being of Love that you are.


Copyright © 2019 Marie-Ève Bonneau

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