As is the Gardener, Such is the Garden: A Manifesto for Warriors of the Heart

You are the source of all that you desire. Seeds planted must take root in heart and mind before blossoming in the world. Begin within, always.

With diligence and systematic devotion, clear all the debris within you that obstructs the light. Be ruthless. Be gentle. This may be the single most important work of your life.

Release with ease all that is out of season and no longer bears fruit. Compost with care and gratitude all that must go. You already know. May the let-go soften you and open you to ever-greater love.

Face into the unknown, the void, the not-yet, and not-quite with a courageous heart. Do not shield yourself from the mystery but expose yourself to it. Offer it your most sincere intentions and then let it have its way with your life.

Be present with yourself as you grieve and grow, and you expand and contract, as you advance and retreat, stumble and triumph on the path. Make the most of your days. Become a devotee of the present moment. Get your hands dirty. Come to your senses. Take it all in with all that you are.

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Learn to trust life implicitly knowing that somethings will never make sense. Not all things are meant to be understood by the mind. The mystery knows how to crack open the blueprint you carry inside.

Stay connected to the nectar of your deepest heart. Know that love holds no grievances and that all things are possible through love. Forgive all that stands between you and your peace. Forgive thoroughly until you are free.

Be patient with all that is unresolved, unclear, or seemingly stagnant. Allow curious-openness to be your constant companion. Imagine that life is constantly working on your behalf. Destiny unfolds, like shoots rising from the ground, in divine time.

No matter the order of difficulty you face, be compassionate with yourself and the whole holy mess of your life. Remember that you signed up for life itself—the whole catastrophe, nothing left out—dying, decomposition, fallow fields, seeds in the dark, shoots, buds, blooms, and all.

Know yourself as the master gardener, the artist in residence of your life. You are the projector and source of all that you experience in your reality. We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. As is the gardener, such is the garden. What are you seeding today?

Look for the beauty of your own luminous heart reflected back to you in all things. Look for what you want to find. Watch closely and you’ll see the sacred shimmering like a rainbow appearing in mist dancing in sunlight.

Seize this opportunity to truly live. Get out of your own way. Your very aliveness connects you to all of life. It is what you are. Nurture your joy. Delight in your existence.

Walk as a blessing and with dignity as an irreplaceable part of creation. Emanate without apology the precious medicine that you are here to be. Each flower has its own unique beauty. Trust in the rightness of how you were made.

Stay connected to what matters most. Wield your attention wisely for it is fuel that waters and fertilizes whatever it lands on. Choose what you are growing with your attention and intention and weed out everything else.

Align with the highest ideals that reflect the truth of your soul. Work in harmony with the powers that be, as with sun, rain, and soil. All is possible when we work in harmony with truth. All is possible when our hearts lead the way.

May all beings come to know themselves as love.

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