Miracles Are Real (*Healing Update*)

My Dear Friend,

Miracles are real! I’m writing today to let you know that I’m officially Lyme and Co-Infection FREE. (Turns out I did have Lyme after all, along with Babesia and several other Co-infections.) I received this news some time ago, but felt the need to anchor this truth deep into my cells and into my being before I shared it with you. While I’m still doing some fine-tuning and rebalancing, I can confidently declare that I feel increasingly healthy, vibrant, and full of life with every single day that goes by. I feel reborn and am living each day to the fullest with a sense of appreciation and awe.

To every single person who donated to my Go Fund Me campaign and who showed me kindness in my time of need: there are simply no words to describe the infinite gratitude I feel, so these simple words will have to do - thank you, thank you, thank you. At a time that felt dark and futile, your donations (and the loving-care of my inner circle) fueled my faith and reconnected me to a thread of grace and hope that kept me hanging on. Your generosity opened a door that allowed me to walk towards a new horizon of healing and helped me to keep digging deep to find the strength to make it through. May your kindness return to you a thousandfold every single day and especially when you need it most.

This journey has made a warrior out of me. I discovered what I’m made of, what matters most, and I’ve been gifted with a profound sense of meaning and purpose. This 7-year journey has been both the most excruciating and most rewarding and fruitful experience of my entire life. It’s not over yet! I now get to carry the wisdom and blessings of this journey as a gift to others.

As many of you know, the extensive writings from the last several years will eventually be published into a book. In January, I resumed my full-time Masters program in Psychotherapy at the University of Calgary where I’m currently creating a transformational group therapy program for those living with chronic illness. This program will be peer-reviewed in August before I begin to offer it live, both in Calgary and in an on-line format. I’ll be relaunching my website and blog this Fall and look forward to beginning to teach in my community again. I’ve missed you all dearly!

I’ll be taking down my Go Fund Me campaign as I shift fully into creating life-affirming offerings for others who want to transform challenges like illness into potent growth opportunities. If you’d like to stay connected or would like to know when my offerings go live, I invite you to subscribe here: centeredwithin.org. You’re also welcome to follow/friend me on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like to stay in touch. I’ll be sharing more regularly in the coming days. To anyone who is currently living with Lyme or any chronic illness: please know that there is every reason to keep the faith and to continue opening to miracles. I look forward to serving you.

Thank you for forwarding, liking, and sharing this update, and for helping me to spread this message of appreciation and hope far and wide! Please share this message with anyone who may benefit from knowing that miracles are real. Thank you for being part of my miracle, for being part of my epic healing journey. I carry your sweet spirit of generosity and kindness forward in my work and in my way of being in the world. Through love all things are possible.

With a bright heart, Marie-Ève

Self-portrait by  Marie-Ève   Bonneau

Self-portrait by Marie-Ève Bonneau