Space Is Absolutely Necessary For Healing And Transformation

Healing requires space—sometimes a lot of it. More than all our efforts, potions, and pills, the healing process needs space to actually happen in. Healing happens when we make ourselves available for it.

Space provides silence and silence is the ground of listening—full-blooded, full-bodied, full-being listening. This profound listening is required to tune into guidance from beyond, into the soul within that knows, to the movements of spirit, and to truth itself.

Healing itself is the process of attuning to and aligning with wholeness.

Transformation requires space in which we can come undone—completely fall apart even, so that we can step into a new image of wholeness. We need space to lose the bearings of the old self and to submit our Selves to the will of spirit. There is a kind of transformation so total in scope, that it requires annihilation of the previous version of self that we were giving life to. Far beyond a makeover or a new coat of pain, this transformation requires a safe and spacious container within which we can die to who we were being. We need space to fully inhabit the chaos of our process, and to subject ourselves to the fertile darkness that comes with being lost.

Healing requires a canvas on which to come to life, we need space to make a mess, to be a mess, to shout out for mercy and to hear ourselves echo back; a space that is big enough so that we can remember the vastness from which we came and the mystery that allows us to be here in the first place. Transformation requires space so that we can embody our great metamorphosis and answer the one true call that summons us out beyond everything and everyone we once knew.

We find this space when we retreat deeply into ourselves, away from the buzz and whirl of the world, when we move into the spacious infinity of presence that we hold within. This retreat into profound psycho-spiritual process may take days but more likely, if it’s a true summoning to total transformation, it will take months and even years can pass in deep gestation. This process happens in it’s own sweet (and often not-so-sweet time). Spaciousness can be both achingly, desperately lonely, and also insanely fruitful and rich.

Space itself is the holy container, it is the vessel within which the alchemy of healing takes place. Spacious terrain is not a luxury but a necessary for real healing and deep transformation to occur and take root. Space is the ground that will catch your tears as they fall, and it will hold you up when you can no longer hold yourself. Space is the soil that will eventually nurture the triumph of your inevitable rebirth.

Space. Don’t be so quick to fill it up, to banish it away.

Don’t hastily keep filling it with all that you have known just because the unknown terrifies to the bone. Spaciousness is a medicine for which there is no substitute. It allows all other medicine to work. Space will hold you like a mother, nourish you, and imbue you with strength to see it through. You need enough space so that you can sigh from your very soul. Space is required so that you can fall to your knees, and with seemingly nothing left, hand your life over, finally, onto the altar of god.

You know you’ve found space enough when you can stretch your arms skyward in both plea and prayer, when you can find yourself filled with reverence at your own existence and you finally realize that just being alive is more than enough.

In the embrace of space you’ll be summoned by spirit, you'll finally hear that one call that sends shivers up your spine. That call will ignite a fire in your belly, the call that reminds you why you’re here. You need space to connect to the center of the center, to finally stop scratching the surface, so that you can plug into the compass within, so that your next steps come from there, from that holy there that only you know in the way that you do.

Without space we keep re-enacting the known, we stay in the deep grooves we’ve already made, we keep saying the same things, and taking the same winding paths that so often lead no where. The mind keeps filling in the blanks so as to not face the mysterious abyss of being and the terror that so often comes in the presence of the unknown.

I assure you that facing nothingness head-on is beyond worth it. The soul needs space like the lungs need air, to breathe, to dream, to unwind it’s ancient magic in the here and now.

Spaciousness is, indeed, a lonely land. It is the land of the courageous but those without distraction are rewarded. You are being called, not only to taste the infinite that you are, but to inhabit the great void of god, and to leap, finally with all that you are and all that you have ever been. You were made for this.

Those who allow for great spaciousness are held, are healed, are transformed…



spās/ a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied

We find space when we stop filling every spare moment, and leave room intentionally in our schedules. Space is turning off the phone—regularly, sitting in silence, honoring your pace, fasting from social media, sitting in the woods to soak in the beauty, rolling around on the floor, rocking in a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere, taking time to talk to the plants, drinking tea while star gazing, or humming gently while washing dishes. Space can be leaving the laundry undone or it can be found while folding the laundry. Space is found when we have some freedom, or at least some wiggle room, to actually meet the moment and to be in discovery, leaving time unplanned for spontaneity to arise from the impulse at the depth of our being.

Space is taking your time—in the deepest sense, having breathing room, having room, period. Space is honoring time for reflection, time for self care. It’s clearing out the clutter physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. It’s having room in your cup for something new. Space is made when we release (and get rid of) everything that is no longer relevant to who we’re becoming. It’s having time, and attention available for what matters most. Only you know where space is found, and what true spaciousness feels like to you.



  • Is there something that you crave freedom from? What would significantly increase your sense of spaciousness?
  • Are there people, places, or circumstances that make you feel cramped or claustrophobic? How could you liberate yourself?
  • What does ‘space’ mean to you? How spacious does your existence currently feel?
  • Do you have the space that you need to thrive, to reflect, and to simply be?
  • Do you have the space you need to heal?


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