A Year of Yes

What if I gave myself permission to express more of what flows through me all the time? This year I censor myself less and open to the stream of life that animates me.

What if I stopped judging who I am and how I am and instead accepted the sacred responsibility of being me? This year I commit to taking a chance on myself—my strange and wonderful self.

What if I finally stopped waiting for perfection or permission to share myself and instead flung the gate wide open? This year I take the risk of being seen and heard as I am in all my perfect imperfection. I lean into and love my humanness.

What if instead of quoting others I gave voice to what is alive in my own heartspace? This year I allow my unique voice to flow freely and to become strong, clear, and true.

What if instead of comparing myself to others I turned to look more closely at my own life and realized that I have my own divine assignment to fulfill? This year I seize the unique fingerprint of my being and share the soul gifts that are mine to share. Only I have the creds to be me.

What if I looked within more and treated my attention as the precious resource that it is? This year I plug-in deeply, I choose to be more discerning with where my attention goes, and I consciously attune to what nourishes my essence.

What if I embraced the many voices, the plethora of selves, and the various appetites that exist inside me instead of censoring some of me at the expense of my full expression? This year I approve of myself more and call out to play the aspects of me I’ve kept on lock down.

What if I trusted myself completely and leaned into my gifts and my own unique way of being? This year I celebrate the sweet being reflecting back at me in the mirror and I trust that she’s got this.

What if I released all pressure to ‘fix’ myself and finally woke up to the fact that I was never broken? This year I meet the ups and the downs, the ugly and the pretty, the dark and the light, knowing that these are all aspects of my wholeness like facets on a diamond.

What if I claimed my story and really ‘got’ that life doesn’t make mistakes? This year I bow deeply to the wisdom of my life path and breathe more fully knowing I am on track, regardless of what it may look like on the outside.

What if I knew from the depth of my being that I am the one I’ve been waiting for? No more waiting for this, that, or the other thing. This year I seize the opportunity to be the one and to do the thing.

What if I said yes, a full-bodied, full-on, full-out yes? This year, I say yes.

Copyright © 2015 Marie-Ève Bonneau