What is Here is What You Need

We must answer the call to reconnect with what is immediate and essential if we are to preserve our hearts, our souls, our very aliveness.

We must slow to the speed of sensation and re-inhabit our lives. This breath. This sound of flitting bird at the window. This ache in our bones. These are all keys to our wholeness. What shows up is the medicine.

It is we who are absent.

Ask to live as love and you’re sure to encounter all kinds of heart-breaking opportunities to practice fiercely. Ask to be courageous and life surely finds ways to scare the shit out of you.

Ask to know what’s real and you will be stripped of all your false beliefs, comforting illusions, and shoddy assumptions until you are face to face with what’s left.

Ask to learn to stand in your power and life will provoke acts of assertion from you until you bring it. Until you finally raise the sword of truth and slash.

Ask to surrender and spirit will kick your ass with tough love until you actually do. Then she backs off because you got the message. You got what you asked for.

This is the quest of living into what you already are.

Our job is to be here with what shows up. It’s always perfect and right on time. Like a grand cosmic riddle that makes sense only once you get it.

Your path is the ground beneath your feet. What is here is what you need.

© 2014 Marie-Ève Bonneau