Centered Within

Healing. Alchemy. Transformation.

Time to Surrender


It’s time to surrender now. Time to lay down all your plans and strategies.

Time to stop avoiding the unavoidable. It’s time to surrender now. Lay it all down.

Your kicking and screaming, your resisting and scheming.

Release your ambition, your efforting, your running. You’ve tried every trick in the book.

You’ve analyzed this inside out and from every possible angle. It’s time to surrender now.

Time to stop trying to outmaneuver the inevitable.

Time to stop bargaining and grasping with white knuckles.

You can’t plant a stake in the ocean or build a castle in quicksand.

Set down what you think you know to make way for the unknowable.

It’s time to surrender now.

Time to abandon your attempts at keeping the void from rushing in.

Time to turn and face the emptiness. Trying to figure this out takes energy you don’t have.

Set all your busyness down. Stop trying to hold it all together and let it come apart.

Give it up. Give it over. It’s time to surrender now.

© 2014 Marie-Ève Bonneau