You Are Worthy

We are not worthy because of what we accomplish, as convincing of a misconception as that may be. Our worthiness does not increase with the crossing off of items on our to do list, or even with our growing sense of satisfaction. Our worth does not expand with our ever-increasing pace or with the sheer velocity of our busyness.

Worth is not dependent on how we look. The sun shines equally on flowers as it does on cars, concrete, and landfills. Our worthiness does not rise as we get thinner, as we look younger, or as we get more toned, or tanned. My worth is not based in this body—as beautiful, broken, fragile, or strong as she may be.

My growing credentials do not increase my worthiness, regardless of the self-satisfied tune my ego may be singing. Letters behind our names cannot cover up or placate any level of worthlessness we may secretly harbor. Nor does studying with gurus, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, or becoming rich and famous ourselves, increase our true worth.

Worth doesn’t surge with the eating of vegetables or a raw food diet, with any amount of juicing, standing on your head, or meditating. Winning awards, or collecting ‘likes’ on Facebook may help temporarily, but true worth is not linked to any of these things…and deep down you already know that.

Our worth is inbuilt in much the same way as the heart is inbuilt. The heart does not require any external prompts to beat, to keep its rhythm, or to keep you alive. Your true worth is not even tied to this transient human form. As strange as it may sound, you are as worthy in the sick as you are in the healthy, and as worthy in the dying as you are in the living.

There are no benchmarks, no check marks, and no check points for worth and often the more we try to fulfill these imaginary requirements the more we feel lacking.

Set it all down weary one. Can you feel the breath of god within you? Can you suspend the hustle and the bustle long enough to receive a gift that is greater than all your busyness can bring and all your shopping can buy?

You must set down the weight of your strivings to feel the weightlessness of your being.

What you seek is right here. Closer than your heartbeat, nearer and dearer than even this life you call your own. Beingness itself. The only true treasure is what you already are. You are worthy. You are worth itself.

© 2014 Marie-Ève Bonneau