Only Love

Today I remember love. Everything in existence conspires to make my life possible.

I feel love shining from the sun as it illuminates my face and warms my skin. I feel love coming from the ground that holds, supports, and nourishes me. I feel love as the air on my bare skin and as the abundance of breath at my disposal. I feel love in every bite of food that fulfills its own purpose in sustaining my life.

Today I remember that I am loved. In each seemingly small part of my life there is evidence of endless support.

I feel love in the sounds of music, laughter, and even in cars driving by. I feel love as benevolent blessings emanating from the trees, flowers, and plants. I feel love in my cat’s purr and in her endless desire for snuggles and cuddles. I feel love in the hot water, in the soap, and in the towel that wraps around me.

Today I remember that I am love. Within the fabric of this clever disguise is infinite Love herself.

I feel love in the vibration of this presence that I am. I feel love in the thought stream of my mind and in the space between the thoughts. I feel love emanating and sounding an expansive tone from my heart. I feel love in my belly, my organs, on my skin, and in every cell as they toil with total devotion.

Today I remember that we are love. Beneath the apparent person that you are and that I am—we are that.

I feel love as I look into your eyes and I see love looking back at me. I feel love and know that this is the only thing that’s true—all else is just confusion. I feel love when I sense with my heart instead of looking with my mind. I feel love threads that have been woven into the fibers of you and me.

Love cloaked in a fancy human costume. Love sometimes hidden behind things that are not very love-like. All this will pass eventually. All that will be left over is love. Only love.

*This post is dedicated to everyone who made me feel so loved and special on my birthday today (and everyday). Thank you. You are love(d).

© 2014  Marie-Ève Bonneau