For my Sisters...

Do you remember what it was like to be in this body before ‘they’ taught you to hate it? Before you were sold the idea that you're broken, imperfect, beyond repair, and in need of some diet, product, workout, or surgery to be acceptable? Are you ready to re-member and reclaim the divinity of this female body?

My wish for you is that you feel beautiful in your skin and that you come to know deep down that beauty isn't something you can buy. I want you to know that your true essence is beauty itself.

I want you to celebrate your body temple as it is and to see reflected back in the mirror the warrioress-goddess that you are with each scar, freckle, line, and vein as maps or markers in your one-in seven-billion story. You are a miracle.

I want you to feel yourself as the divine portal that you are, with breasts, hips, belly, and thighs erected as pillars in service and ceremony to the great mystery of life.

When you doubt your magnificence you doubt the creative power that made you. You are sacred art, not separate from the majesty of existence. You are one with the pulse of life that creates roses, hummingbirds, and willow trees. You are that.

Sweet sister, you are a force of nature made of the same stuff as ocean waves, moon rhythms, and thunderstorms.

My wish for you is that you experience your body as the power and presence portal that she really is. That you come to know that basking in your succulence raises the frequency of the planet.

I want you to know that your worth resides in your heart of hearts and that it cannot be taken from you.

This unshakeable worth belongs to all daughters of creation and requires no external validation.

I want you to come to know your gifts and to give them freely without self-consciousness or doubt. I want you to learn to encourage yourself when you’re scared or in pain the same way that you would hold and reassure a dear friend. My wish for you is that you stop beating the shit out of yourself sister.

My wish is that you live as the blessing that you are and that you see the gift you were born to be. That you use your voice to speak your truth, to share your story, and to sow the seeds of your unique soul wisdom. I want you to take a chance on yourself.

If only you saw yourself the way that I see you. You would see that you are worthy of the most reverent of devotion, the most exquisite ravishing, and the most tender of affections. Can you feel that? For even a second, a minute, an hour? Take a break from your self-reproach, your insecurity, and your self-criticism. Bask in the love-light that you are.

There are no squats or crunches, no botox or waxing, and none of the latest fashion trends are required to gain membership into this divine club of feminine yumminess.

Connect with the one in you who is bursting with life. She is life itself. Nothing is missing. Stop holding your humanness against yourself! The perfection you're looking for is right here. It's you, as you are...exuding the magic of your own divine essence and embracing the mess that this human form brings.

Decide to see it. Choose to live it. Let that other story fall away.

© 2014  Marie-Ève Bonneau