Beautiful Disaster

Every disaster holds within it the possibility of our accelerated growth and evolution. We can choose to see the perfection in what unfolds, even if it looks and feels disastrous at first. There is a medicine in our challenges that stings and makes us tremble but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Pain is a fierce medicine whose divine purpose is to crack open the soul-seed at the heart of our beings.

This strong medicine, disguised as our ‘problems’ illuminates the dark corners within and shows us what requires our attention and our applied awareness if we are to grow whole. We are shown where false beliefs reside and fear still cowers in the shadowy spaces within.

Sometimes we have to step off our true path just long enough to allow for a new perspective and a sweet homecoming with Self. We loose track of the trail long to see that we’ve left the path. When we set out again we often have even more certainty of where our true path lies. 

Sometimes we lose sight of center to know that we can’t live there for any amount of time and not also betray ourselves, so we make our way back. In catastrophe, we are given the sacred opportunity to choose love and to align with truth.

If we were to trust in the perfection of life’s unfolding we would see that all arrives and leaves in divine timing. We would know that even the disasters are events staged by the sacred. Our so-called problems are set-ups that support our growth and ignite our evolution.

These sacred setups, if we accept the invitation, are opportunities to craft more authentic lives of integrity and heart. We are gifted with experiences that allow us to clarify who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to show up.

Let us not curse our troubles but learn to bless them for all the learning and ripening that they bring. Give thanks for your challenges. They are miracle-grow for the soul.

© 2014  Marie-Ève Bonneau