Life Takes Care of Us

Life takes care of itself. Somehow, against all odds, it works itself out. It's us humans who tend to try so hard all the time. We put in tons of effort imagining that if we don’t its all going to fall apart. Regardless of our efforts, the moon and the tides ebb and flow, the seasons cycle, and we fall asleep and wake each night with hearts that are still beating inside our chests.

Life itself is effortless. It happens in spite of itself and with no forcing and yet we think that without the push that we won't arrive at this elusive destination we’re all striving for. Seeds crack open when its time and fruit falls from the tree when it’s ripe. It just does.

When we soften into the flow of life, even a little, we can feel a stream carrying us along. We can allow it to do itself. We can get out of its way. When we soften with a deeper breath and relax our shoulders and belly, we can experience how okay we are—how okay life is—as it is. It doesn’t need our fixing. In our softening, no matter how imperfect it is at first, we open ourselves to feel how taken care of we actually are. We realize we don’t have to do it all. It’s being done.

Artwork: Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner
Life takes care of its own and that includes you and me. Sometimes it doesn’t look the way we imagine it should. You may be reading and thinking, “how does this take care of me?” I feel you. But, somehow, in a greater perspective you and I may not be able to see, there is order and intelligence to the unfolding events in our lives.

I believe that we live into our wholeness, and that, this impulse to be integral is so strong that it stops at nothing to realize itself. It is willing to risk everything to be whole. We are nudged, cajoled, and sometimes flung headfirst towards realizing the wholeness that we in fact already are. Some would even say that’s why we’re here.

In my early 20s I read a lot of the philosopher Alan Watts’ work. He describes this rediscovery of what’s already here as the divine playing hide and seek with itself. He believed, as I do, that this is the game that we are here to play. We’re already whole. We already are healed and holy.

Why do we insist on resisting life? A dear friend told me recently, “You say you want grace to drive but you’re not letting go of the steering wheel.” Her comment really stayed with me. Our lives are made possible through a greater force—a life force that digests our food, grows our hair and finger nails, and governs the great cycles of life—and yet we struggle and swim upstream much of the time instead of letting the life flow carry us.

When do we learn to start trying so hard? 
How does efforting become our default setting? 

One of the greatest 'unlearnings' that we can welcome into our days is a return to letting life take care of us one small moment of allowing at a time. We can remember to lean into the current of life again--the current that's always there for us whether we're choosing to lean in or not.

© 2014 Marie-Ève Bonneau