Sacred Rage

Don’t be so quick to dismiss your anger as ‘bad’, dysfunctional, or ‘unspiritual’. There can be deep-seated wisdom at the heart of rage. There is a kind of anger that comes right from the divine intelligence at the core of your being. The function of this anger is to stand up for what is good and true. It upholds your integrity and justice itself. 

When your heart is being trampled on, when children are going hungry, or when animals are being mistreated, it’s the strong voice of outrage that speaks up and says, ‘it’s enough!” Anger can be one of love’s loyal soldiers and it will stop at nothing until love and justice are restored.

When we heed the voice of anger it can fuel decisive and powerful action. The voice of sacred rage often lessens in intensity immediately when what was ‘off’ is righted. When we heed the message of our sacred anger it dissipates because it has fulfilled its purpose.

2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau

Artwork by Artist Unknown