Accessing the Truth Inside

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There is a moment that arrives like dawn after a long night when your inner voice of truth becomes louder and clearer than all the other voices.

In that moment everything becomes simple. Clarity emanates from center like a bright light that finally illuminates the path. You may still not know what’s coming up ahead but what you do know is that you’ll be able to respond perfectly and with clarity when you get there. At long last, you are tapped in.

When your inner voice, your own connection to truth, is the loudest voice it will likely catalyze a process of elimination. Clarity let’s us know what is ‘yes’, what resonates with our core, but just as fiercely she let’s us know what is ‘no’, what doesn’t fit.

In this age of bombardment, inner clarity helps us sift through all the influences in our lives that inform our days and offer input and advice.

It takes only a moment to realize that you will always know what is best for you. You may need external reminders but ultimately the more you trust yourself the more you know that you can trust yourself. The path becomes clear when the connection to self is clear.

Clarity is so much about eliminating everything that gets in the way of your clarity. We spend so little time is a state of what I call ‘open attention.’ 

The thing is that you actually always know.

There is just so little time devoted to listening and to holding space for clarity to emerge. Knowing and connection to soul have one thing in common: they rarely emerge when we are busy and since busyness is the new norm people seem increasingly confused, disconnected, and simply going through the motions of a life that is not authentically their own.

To address your confusion, you may seek out books, subscribe to email lists that promise to help you find your purpose, and spend time soliciting advice from friends and family. The only problem with this is that it simply adds to the busyness and sustains this over-filled state of activity. It leaves so little room for your inherent truth to surface.

As I said in my last post, clarity is inside you at all times, regardless of how inaccessible it may feel, how disconnected you feel from it, or how confused you currently are.

Your truth is actually inevitable—so much so that we run from it through our distractions, our seeking, and our busyness. We fear that heeding the call that wants to surface inside us will ultimately turn our entire life upside down. So we stuff it down with food, try to shop it away, or stay glued to the Facebook feed where we know we’re safe.

This truth inside you is your soul—your essence—and it connects you to the fabric of existence, to truth itself. Your soul is the thread that only you can bring to the tapestry of the whole. You are encoded with a blueprint the same way the oak tree is encoded in the acorn.

We have designed a world that perpetuates this running from ourselves and from our inner life which means we compromise our connection to this life-line to truth constantly.

Ultimately, you will land in your truth. It may be tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror and admit to yourself what you’ve been afraid to admit. It might be this summer as you dance under the expansive star-lit sky at a music festival and you remember with every cell of your being that you are that. It may be when you lose your health and no longer have the energy to run—you’re brought face-to-face with it. With the truth of who you are.

And it is all you’ve been looking for, all the nourishment, sustenance, and fulfillment that you seek. It’s right here. You are the treasure.

And while we share in this divine essence, I believe that we’re all encoded with nuanced particulars of the divine. The same way the beaver expresses a builder ethos and the cat is an independent queen—you and I have our own place in the ecosystem of life. It’s a place that we were born to fill just by being ourselves. We don’t have to try to do anything special, buy the latest clothes, or travel to the far reaches of the earth to find it. You are right here and so is your truth, your calling, and your essence.

All that’s required is a sacred stopping.

It may be scary at first and your trepidation is warranted. When you stop running, everything you’ve been running from will come up to greet your awareness. Strong emotion is like the gatekeeper of the soul in the same way as the dragon guards the princess in fairy tales. You are not your emotions, you are not your discomfort. You are so much grander and more enduring than any weather pattern blowing through.

Create an opening for you to reconnect with you. Do it your way.
Take a chance on yourself.

Like coaxing an animal to show itself in the wilderness, your soul will not come out and reveal itself in the hustle and bustle. It just won’t. It is of the wild. But if you hold space, patiently, and without expectation you’re likely to have a sighting that will change your life and you’ll wonder what took you so long.

Clarity is right here. It’s where you are. It’s what you are.

2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau

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