Resilience: To the People of the North

Brittle cold
A summons to huddle closer to the warmth of heart

Deep chill for days, right down to the bone
A call to draw in and in to the light of spirit
An invitation, or demand, to take refuge in what is sustenance
For each and every one

We embody the full-blooded resilience of those who came before
We are hardy people who endure on this sacred land
We are hearty people who sustain and subsist on love

We are not here because it’s easy, yet
There is beauty in the fortification and purification in the freeze

Bundled in courage and steadfastness of purpose
There is a strength that comes through us here without our knowing
Just by being here, by living this

An inner light, stoked with devotion, keeps us
Linked to all who came before and huddled by the fire
We are the resilient people of the North

2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau