Make it a Self-Love Spectacular

This one goes out to all my beautiful sisters near and far...

If your single like I am (or even if you’re coupled), this is your official invitation to declare Valentines Day a full-on Self-Love Feast. You’ve got just enough time to decide on the specifics of your self-love spectacular and to gather all that you’ll need...

Buy yourself something notty, preferably enough to make you blush. Prance around the house in your prettiest undies, take your time, don't rush. Decide that you are all that you need. Make a playlist of your sexiest beats and have dance party while drinking wine and smoking weed. 

Or if you’re keepin’ it clean make the greenest green juice of all time. Set up an alter to your inner goddess. Sing wild-woman style in the car. Make a meal that is an explosion of taste and color and eat with your hands. Indulge in what makes you feel beautiful, sensual, grand.

Make a pact to approve of yourself all day long and send all those critical voices on permanent strike. Decide to disable the inner tapes that tell you that you’re suppose to be other than you are tonight. Build a blanket fort with your inner child. Give a gift to a stranger because they are really just you with another face. Open your every cell to drink up a potion of luminous love and grace.

Why not stir up a bit of mischief while you’re frothing up this self-love brew? Confess your infatuation to your latest's you! Finger-paint a love-letter on the bathroom mirror. Decide to be a little less well behaved just to see what happens. Howl at the full moon. Seduce yourself. Swoon.

And as this self-love potion bubbles over, 
Let it anoint all who cross your path.

Be the nectar
Be the lover
Be the woman-shaped heart 

Be the soulmate
Be the beloved
Be the love of your life 

Everything else is just the cherry on top.


2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau
Artwork by Flora Aube