Self-Love: An Incantation

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As some of you know I’ve been ‘battling’ Lyme Disease for the last few years. I had an insight recently as I move into a challenging stretch of my natural healing protocol that I want to stop ‘fighting’ this thing and instead I want to consciously choose to love the Lyme to death and love myself back to life.

I’m learning that self-love, as cliché as it sounds, is the only way I’m going to make it through this and that befriending myself on a whole new level is what makes the minutes, days, months, and years of this undergoing bearable. In this spirit…I ‘downloaded’ a love letter from my higher self last night to the one in me who is suffering. I debated posting this for several hours this morning fearing that I would be too vulnerable, too real, or too exposed in the sharing of my heart with you to this extent. However, I feel, and maybe you do too, that expressions of truth and confessions of what's real are more beautiful and worthwhile than any amount of cool cleverness. So, I decided to share this with you. I ask only that you read or listen with the eyes or ears of your heart. Here is my self-love incantation:

Dear Marie-Ève,  

You are worthy, beautiful, and loveable. I see so much beauty and wisdom in you and I honor your soul’s multi-faceted journey. I commit to whole-heartedly caring for you and supporting you. I am here and will be here for you—no matter what.

I celebrate your courage, your persistence, and your unwavering commitment to healing and wholeness. I honor your emerging wisdom and the powerful fire of compassion and kindness growing within you.

I recognize your gifts and your pure intentions. I witness your struggle. I feel deep compassion for your suffering and intend to do everything in my power to show up for you and support you completely. You are so precious. I honor your unique place in existence, that contribution only you can bring, and I love you for who you are and not for what you do.

I forgive you for whatever ways you perceive that you have failed. I forgive you for getting sick. I forgive you for feeling that you’ve gotten off track. (There is no such thing.) I forgive you for everything you feel you have done wrong and for all the ways you feel you are lacking and coming up short. I forgive you for trying so hard.

Know that you are on track. Know that you haven’t done anything wrong. Know that there is nothing to forgive. Know that you are healing beautifully and that you are already perfect and whole. Know that you are supported and held. Know that you are loved.

I’m not going anywhere. I am here and will be here for you—no matter what. I’ve got your back. Know that you are ripening into all you’re meant to be. Know that you can’t fuck this up and that you haven’t, and didn’t. All is well. Miracles are on the way. 

I treasure you for all that you are. You are irreplaceable.

There is nothing that you could do for me to stop loving you or wanting to be with you. We are in this together. My love for you is unconditional and indestructible. It isn’t dependent on anything. It is because you are. We are One.

Love All-ways.

May this sharing inspire you to move closer to yourself, meet yourself with tenderness, and soften your heart in the suffering that you encounter on your own path. May we meet ourselves with kindness especially when we need it most.

Perhaps this will inspire you to write your own self-love incantation...


2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau