Sacred Listening

I’ve been asking to know, gently at first and then with growing fervor, and even desperation. I’ve been praying to be shown, to be told, and to be guided on this healing journey. At first I felt forsaken, as though my prayers were falling on deaf ears, but lately things have been different. I’ve experienced deeper sincerity in my asking and greater earnestness in my willingness to listen. I’ve opened with humility in my asking to spirit, and have devoted myself to opening with my full beingness to truly hear.

Everyone is a messenger now, each person, experience, and sensation, contributing a piece to the divine transmission that’s finding its way to me in response to my asking. Everything I encounter on this sacred path of listening reveals the message that wants to be known. There is a resounding clarity and wisdom emerging now as I heed and gather this incoming message from grace itself.

Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet
I prayed through my tears at my darkest hour and offered my sincere question everyday. I have been answered in omens, signs, in plain language, and in silence. I’ve been answered in conversation with my brothers and sisters, in dream-filled nights, and in heeding my intuition. I was answered in the man I met this morning who spontaneously gave me a turquoise necklace and with whom I shared a conversation of insight and wisdom. The answers are coming in abundance now. The message gets clearer as I hear variations of the same thing over and over in different words and through various mediums. A common thread is emerging. I’m answered in the white rabbit bounding a few steps ahead on the forest trail, and by the pink light that came before sunset that night. The message is everywhere and coming through everyone. I see it now. I hear it. 

I realize, through the practice of sacred listening, that everything in the universe is conspiring to help me to heal and be whole. The ‘all that is’ is rooting for this awakening and imminent transmutation of darkness to light. I know now that when we listen with humility and sincerity that we are answered each time we ask. The answers are presented in every moment that we are willing to pay attention to what comes.

I bow in infinite gratitude to this immense and infinite support. I bow to each messenger who has blessed me with a piece of this increasing awareness and knowing that I require to heal. I bow in humility to you and to myself as we learn to listen and increasingly open to the support that's there for us—there is more than we could ever imagine.  

We are heard and we are so loved. 

2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau