Living our Soul Gifts

We all have our own unique soul-flavor, a special medicine that we bring to the world when we are being our true selves. When we celebrate our differences instead of judging them and acknowledge the extraordinary magic we see in others, we find that there is room enough for us all to be who we are. In fact, the world needs us to be our whole selves for it to be fully itself.

When we are living fully and authentically we benefit others and the world. Living our soul gifts brings us deep fulfillment and also resonates with and impacts others. We are most magnetic and well-received by others when we are giving the gifts from essence that are truly ours to give.  What is yours to give?

I had the pleasure of spending the holidays connecting with some of my closest soul sisters. I am continually moved by how we acknowledge each other's gifts and the magic we see in each other when we spend time together.  As a result we all come away feeling more stoked to be ourselves and to share who we are with the world. 

Artwork by Tessa Mythos
One of the craziest things about our innate gifts is that they come to us so naturally and so effortlessly that we often don’t recognize them as anything special. We often think, “Oh this? But that’s just how I am!” Our true gifts are closer to us than our own skin and as a result we often have a hard time recognizing and honoring them for how precious and invaluable they really are. I feel that it’s so essential that we point out and celebrate each other’s uniqueness and soul gifts regularly. In this way we can act as sacred mirrors for each other shining the beauty that we perceive back to each other.

It takes courage to be who we are and to give to the world from our essence. We each have our own gifts, our own rightful place of belonging, and our own essential contribution to the human community. We are like threads in a grand tapestry each contributing immeasurable beauty to the whole.

When we are aligned with our truest selves we are each living, breathing gifts that keep on giving.

2014 © Marie-Ève Bonneau