Soul Stream: On Surrender & Intention

As another year draws to a close I find myself contemplating…
Am I the creator of this story or is this story living me?

Is this process one of surrender, or one in which intention is a critical component for its optimal unfolding?  What is ‘the good life’ and how can I align with my version of that more in this incoming new cycle?

I feel at once that I am influencing this ride and that I am being influenced by a force bigger than I can see or name—living it and being lived by it.

I feel drawn to establish a compelling vision for the new year, to set intentions and aims, and at the same time to open wider to whatever wants to be lived through me.

All is revealed in time and I know that I can’t force or intend outcomes before its time—I must live into the answers.

A few years ago when the unthinkable happened I resigned the belief that I was totally in control of this life ride, that I was calling the shots, and that I had the final word on how all this was going to go down.  My illusion of control has been permanently disabled.

When I fell ill and when I fall in love—I know for sure that some things are ‘written’ into my story—like a reality stream that I am ‘set up’ to live into.  Some glorious and others acutely distressing.

Some aspects of what our soul comes here to live is anything but ‘desirable’.

I know now that certain things happen to ripen the soul and catalyze destiny—and most of these things would not make a goal list or vision board.  These crucial happenings make us into who we are—and reveal to us who we came to be here.

I’m in less of a hurry now to ‘fix’ what doesn’t align with my life vision.  I take refuge in a sense of distilling wisdom from the happenings.  I trust more in the unfolding of my unique story.

I am both opening to a life that is perhaps not the one I had imagined AND I am setting intentions and clarifying my desires around what I desire to live and create. 

Equal parts intention and surrender required. 

xo m.ev