Another Word on Surrender

Surrender has got to be one of the most persistent, humbling, and beautiful of life lessons. I’m learning that ‘letting go’, is not an act of resignation as much as it’s an acknowledgement of reality as it is. Surrender is whole-hearted recognition of what’s coming to pass and the embodied allowing of that

Letting go is an acceptance of ‘what is'.

When I stop buying into some mind generated ‘preferred reality’ my suffering immediately subsides. I stop ‘minding the gap’ between what is and what I wish was. Phew! What a fucking relief.

Letting go is actually ‘letting spirit’. 
Let go and let god.

Surrender is trusting that there is a deep-seated divine intelligence beneath the apparent happenings. When I surrender, I take a chance on life and then am able to walk more peacefully regardless of what the path presents. I relax. 

Artwork Credit: Artist Unknown
The let-go moment is a safe space where sanity and spirit reside. Letting go is not at all about the thing I am letting go of, rather it’s untethering myself from the ‘package’ I've come to associate with that thing. When I remove the mental entanglement that I attach to circumstance, I am free to be with the unfolding moment and to show up with greater presence and trust. Surrender is releasing my ‘clamp down’ on reality. It's getting out of gods business. It’s a change of perspective. Surrender feels like a softer face, released shoulders, a rounder belly, and an openness that pervades my body.

Surrender is a softening-in and a relaxing out. Like a deep breath. The fuller my sigh, the more space I create for the next in-rushing breath. Suzuki Roshi says, we don't need to learn to let go, we just need to recognize what is already gone.

© 2013  Marie-Ève Bonneau