Supreme Basics : On Self Care & Overwhelm

There is no substitute for attending to yourself deeply.  No substitute for rest when rest is needed and from deep personal nourishment and self-alignment all good flows.  Autumn seems to be a time when increasing demands in the outer world coincide with a deeper need to attend to the inner world.  How to reconcile the two?

I recently went from ending the summer with very little on my plate to beginning an amazing lovership with a new man, starting my Masters degree in Psychotherapy, resuming teaching yoga after a 2-year intensive cocooning healing and transformational journey, and I just moved on October 1st...Holy Shitballs!  Pardon the expression.  I’ve been reeling a bit (or let’s be honest, a lot) to try to keep pace with the influx of abundance and life activity that has come along with the Harvest Moon last month and manage to still take care of myself at the same time.

Some days it feels like I’m walking a tight rope and one misstep could have me and everything that’s on ‘my plate’ come tumbling down and although I may not feel 100% ready, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s time to come out of my cocoon and reengage more fully in life.  I have to admit there are moments when I’m excited and others when I feel overwhelmed and reluctant.  Am I ready?  Can I handle all this? 

Elements of my new life are birthing themselves at warp speed and while beyond-stoked about this new phase of life, even positive change is stressful.  Good stuff also takes energy, which is a very precious commodity in a body that still needs lots of juice for healing!  I find that the joy I feel about my new life neutralizes some of the tiredness and overwhelm I feel.  I’m learning to trust myself and trust that I can handle everything that life is presenting me with and that I am ‘good for’ all the amazing things that the Universe is entrusting in my care right now.  

I must be ready now because it’s all happening now!

Autumn is also a time when I know I need to be especially watchful of my self-care.  I need to appease erratic ‘vata dosha’ imbalances that I find come with the fall winds and colder, dryer weather.  If I don’t ground myself by creating routines, nourishing my adrenals, and eating warming foods, I pay for it with feeling mighty flighty, emotional, and mentally in overdrive.  ‘One-small-thing-at-a-time’ is key and so is sticking to my practices and rituals.   

When I ground into my self-care, I move from being able to merely handle what’s showing up to being resourceful and better able to actually enjoy the fullness of my life. 
I keep finding myself driving behind this large truck with the words ‘Supreme Basics’ written on it.  It’s actually a delivery truck from a stationary store but I’ve come to take the appearance of this truck as a reminder to ground into my ‘supreme basics’.  My supreme basics are restful sleep and naps, nourishing high-vibe superfoods, staying hydrated, meditation/breathwork, as well as time in nature and visiting my yoga and movement practice daily.  Getting back to these basics allows me to shift from ‘coping-mode’ into ‘thriving-mode’.  Taking the alone time I need to decompress, integrate, and digest the activity of life helps me to recalibrate my system and keep my ‘reserves’ topped up.

What are your supreme basics?  Have they fallen by the wayside with the chaos of autumn activity and the responsibilities of the new season? 

When I attend to myself deeply everything flows beautifully from my right-alignment with self, whereas when I’m over-tiered and under-nurtured I feel upset for ‘no reason’, it all feels like ‘too much’, and am not available to delight in the gifts of life. 

I know that from deep personal nourishment and self-alignment all good flows.

xo m.ev