Heart Alchemist : A Prayer

I choose to be a force of unwaivering love 
in my relationships, in my life, and in the world.

I am devoted to seeing through eyes of endless appreciation.

I intend to have an unlimited capacity to bring all 
that is ‘not love’ into the loveforce of my heart.  

I learn to love and embrace all that feels unlovable in me.

I know that nothing is ‘too much’ for love.  

In love there is space enough to hold and transmute it all. 

I am an alchemist of limitless heart.

I heal all that is in me that is in need of healing—
fear, grief, unworthiness, anger.

I welcome all fragments home with tenderness.

I choose new stories that serve me and 
reflect who and what I truly am.

I release all barriers to love. 

I welcome my healing and wholeness and in turn 
contribute to the healing and wholeness of all beings

I align with the highest lovelight.  

I stand for that.  I emanate that.  I am that.

© 2013 Marie-Ève Bonneau

Artwork: Artist Unknown