Crash Ville: Wisdom for Surviving Suffering

“It’s actually the things that we wish we didn’t have to go through that end up making us who we are."  The following are excerpts from an audio post I recorded after going on a walk in the autumn leaves today.  To listen, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

“Our challenges bring out the best and the worst in us. If you’re feeling challenged right now—you can trust that it’s likely going to bring out the best and the worst in you.”

Healing has so much to do with bringing our shadow side into the light.”

“There’s something really liberating about living your worst case scenario.”

"There’s nothing too awful, too scary, or too ugly for real love to embrace.  Love has space for it all somehow.”

 “No matter how hard the challenge I know that if I stay in my heart I can soften into my suffering, I can soften into my resistance and then even in the discomfort there’s a wide open space where I can breathe a little bit more deeply.”

 “I can trust that somehow I’m on track even if it doesn’t feel like it and I can relax knowing that there’s a deeper, grander intelligence that’s in my life, running my life, and allowing my life.”

xo m.ev