Ode to Forces Unseen

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When everything feels like it’s going your way, whether you’re falling in love, generally feeling well, and having a good time in life, there can be a feeling that Spirit has got your back and that the gods are smiling upon you.  Consequently, when things are not going well, whether you’re chronically ill as I have been, or you’re getting divorced or experiencing any kind of loss or hardship, one of the ‘tracks’ we can get into is feeling abandoned by god, forsaken by spirit, left out in the cold by fortune herself, by guides, angels, allies, or whatever.

When I was in my particular darkness, on one level I knew that Spirit had my back and that I was connected no matter what, but in some really real way I was just not feeling supported.  I was feeling like things were not going my way and some part of me felt that things were so bad that they would perhaps never go my way again. 

Coming out of the darkness now, I am having this overwhelming sense of how supported I am, and how loved I am, and how much the Universe has my back.  I’m having this feeling based on, once again, these ‘symptoms of support’ like falling in love, having a new man in my life, starting to have just a bit more energy as though I’ve turned a corner in my healing, starting a Masters degree, starting to teach yoga again, attracting opportunities for abundance, and all of a sudden I feel like, “Oh my gosh, I am so supported, I’m taken care of.” 

I guess what I’m getting at is, the bigger thread behind all of this, the bigger ‘aha!’ or connection that I’ve made is that even at my darkest hour, I was equally as well taken care of as I am when I’m feeling better and having a good time and having good things happen.  It’s this sense that, there are these unseen forces that are open to us even when we are not open to them and these forces are working on our behalf even though the tangible evidence says otherwise.  

What I’ve also learned is that you get immense, immense treasures from being in the dark.  From what I went through when I felt this sense of hardship and being forsaken, I’ve become someone who is the person I wanted to be.  And so, I was given a gift even though it didn’t look like it at the time.  

The unseen forces are there beneath the surface and sometime the Universe dishes really tough loveUnseen forces are deep down working beneath the surface regardless of what it looks like at ground level and regardless of what is happening.  And for me, I feel like I’m forging a deeper trust that some cosmic peeps are rooting for me and that it’s all good, and to be grateful for that even when I couldn’t feel them or see them or experience them that that same thread of wellbeing, of goodness, of love was there all the same. 

If you’re not feeling like your supported right now, if you’re feeling like the gods are wrathful, just know that there is something brewing that is possibly bigger than you can see right now and that there is a divine intelligence that loves you so deeply that’s orchestrating an experience that your soul needs for your growth, and that you are loved and that you are taken care of.  All is well.

xo m.ev 

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