Clear: The Emergence of Knowing

If you are meant to know something, rest assured that you will come to know it.  You will know by the buzzing of excitement in your heart on arrival; by the ache in your gut at the thought of leaving; by the unshakable feeling of being more yourself than you’ve been in quite some time.  Yes, you will know.   

Either in your deep sleep or lack of it; in the way everything else pales by comparison; in the feeling that the alternatives no longer even feel like viable options; in the flow of relieved tears rolling down your cheeks that stem from a sadness older than time.  Yes, you will know.  

By the way the air smells coming off the water; by the way the rain thunders emphatically on the roof at midnight; by the bike spokes clicking by speaking to you of another way, you will know.  And should you choose to lean in and eagerly listen, you will find that you are being made aware of the answer to that which you’ve asked in each moment.  You are.    

And if you don’t feel, or see, or taste the clarity emerging it’s only because the cosmic answer to your query is still being formulated.  That’s right.  It’s up in the air for now, but the Universe is on it, forces are gathering, and tides are turning.   
Keep the faith and remain open and you will live into the answer, for when you are asking the right question (sometimes it’s one you don’t even know you've asked) everything conspires to contribute to your clarity.  Like a symphony made up of diverse omens and signs, it solidifies into a melody that is as clear as the clearest blue day, it becomes so obvious that you will know in a moment of overwhelming gratitude that on some level you actually knew all along.

As you live your question, with the help of all that presents itself in right timing, you will become the 'one who knows' what you are meant to know for this phase of your journey.  You will be clear.   

And in the meantime, if divine clarity has yet to emerge you can hold space for full-bodied listening and savor the sweetness of the 'not knowing', relaxing into the process as best you can and trusting wholeheartedly that clarity, like a muse on island-time, is on her way. 

xo m.ev

A Few of my Favorite Ways to Coax Clarity:

  • Self-Care—I feel clearest when I am taking precious care of myself.  Do what you need to do to feel topped up on your self-nourishment practices, mine include: green juice & beautiful foods from the living earth, movement, breathwork & yoga, salt baths, time with soul-sisters, and writing.
  •  Forget About It—Once you’ve set the intention to get clear about something let it go for awhile and choose to focus on something else.  Give it over to a higher power for a time and see what unfolds.
  •  Nature Time—Give yourself room to breath and unplug from your devices out in nature.  You may even get a powerful omen in the form of a rainbow or animal totem.  On my recent trip to the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada I saw a cougar from a very close distance and was later told this was a sighting of a lifetime.  A potent omen that spoke to me of coming into my power amongst other things!
  • Connect with Your Future Self—Sit with the notion of communing with your future self.  What would s/he have to say about the phase of life that you’re living now?  What deep wisdom will your future self have that can help you navigate the now?  
  • Declutter—Nothing supports my clarity more than organizing, clearing, and, getting rid of stuff in my environment.  When my space is in order I am more creative, productive, and at peace.  If it's not relevant, beautiful, or useful get rid of it!

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”  

~Rainer Maria Rilke