You’re ready to transform your challenge into the potent growth opportunity that it really is.

Marie-Ève Bonneau, Existential Consultant, Facilitator, and Initiation Guide

Marie-Ève Bonneau, Existential Consultant, Facilitator, and Initiation Guide

  • You know deep down that nothing happens by accident and you want to explore more deeply what you’re experiencing.

  • You're currently living through an ordeal like a chronic illness and are looking for compassionate support from someone who's 'been there'.

  • You're ready to ask the big questions and become more intimately acquainted and aligned with the wisdom of your own heart and soul.

  • Your current life doesn't fully reflect your soul gifts and you'd like to create greater alignment between who you are and what you're living.

It is my greatest joy and honor to be of service to you on your soul's epic human journey.  xo m.ev

One-on-One Sessions (via telephone or Skype)

You are ready to take stock of where you’re really at, to feel into how you’re actually doing, to acknowledge what’s working in your life, and to take an honest look at what’s not in alignment with your deepest truth and well-being. It’s time.

Whatever is asking for your attention in your life, whatever feels most pressing is where we start. Whether its grief, overwhelm, feeling unwell, heartbreak, or needing inspiration to craft a soulful life—you decide what’s most relevant to you right now.

we bring presence, curiosity, and a spirit of openness to whatever you bring to the table.

Marie-Ève understands that difficult life events are teachers. Because she speaks from her own lived experience I feel safe sharing my own in her presence. She has a way of reflecting my value back to me, of reminding me that I’m perfect right where I am, whatever is going on, and from this place I know that anything is possible. I walk away from our sessions feeling deeply connected to myself, to life, and to the divine.
— Francesca Oldani, medicine woman, healer,

These sessions take courage and a willingness to look at yourself and your life.


For those who are ready, these sessions provide a safe and compassionate space and an opportunity to:

  • try on new choices

  • explore new pathways

  • align with deeper healing and wholeness

  • make a commitment to embodying soul-potential

  • become more fully alive, whatever that means for you


Please click ‘GET STARTED’ to fill out your intake form.

For those who are committed, inspired by this work, and who are a good fit — we build a therapeutic alliance and you experience the benefits of ongoing support through regular one-on-one sessions.

Marie-Ève brings light into every dark corner, revealing a new level of beauty, one that is often surprisingly found in the forgotten, painful, and we’d-rather-not-go-there corners of our minds. She has a gentle and kind way of guiding us through these moments and allowing us to see them, as if for the very first time, through eyes of promise and hope.
— Chloe O’Neill, founder of the ‘More Than Lyme’ community

These potent sessions are grounded in a holistic-existential approach that values and honors the whole spectrum of experience that comes along with being human.


Here's a sample of potential areas we can address:


  • embodiment: how we feel in our skin, body issues, connection to ground, nature, home, safety and security, chronic illness, symptoms, pain, resistance, and the poetry of the body


  • community and belonging: isolation, loneliness, finding true place, partnership, relating issues, triggers, attracting a soul-tribe, family dynamics, being of service and making a meaningful contribution


  • mind/psych: diving into the narrative of self, how I understand my life and what it means to be me, self-worth, self-love, self-care, mental imbalances, and faulty thinking


  • heart: addressing emotional well-being, healing emotional wounds, maturing the ability to feel what needs to be felt, digesting family of origin material, experiencing the full spectrum of feeling, equanimity, accessing greater joy


  • soul: accessing authenticity, alignment, innate soul-gifts, addressing questions of meaning/purpose, presence, present moment awareness, the art of allowing, flow

No matter where YOU'RE starting from, YOU contain within YOU all that YOU need to CREATE a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Consultations are not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Sessions are not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. Having a consultation does not replace health care from medical/psychological professionals. You agree to consult with your health care provider for any of your specific medical or psychological problems.

The information provided in consultations and in all correspondences is used solely for the purpose of supporting you, the client in the best way possible. All information provided is kept strictly confidential.