Centered Within

Healing. Alchemy. Transformation.

We are here to learn.

I believe that we are souls having human experiences, that earth-life is our classroom, and our time here allows us to evolve. We become human to have the learning experiences we need to grow our souls.

Difficulty catalyzes growth

While we grow through our joys and pleasures—it is often difficulty that brings with it the richest growth opportunities. When we are brought past the edge of what we think we can handle, our capacity is stretched, and we’re cracked open. We are changed at our depth.

difficulty as soul initiation

In my work, I refer to extreme undergoing as ‘soul initiation’. I believe that harrowing experiences are the ‘advanced placement program’ of life-school. Loss, illness, and other difficulty can function as rites of passage—we simply cannot live through them and emerge on the other side unchanged. Soul initiation transforms us.