Centered Within

Healing. Alchemy. Transformation.

Hello Brave Soul. My name is Marie-Ève Bonneau.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many years inquiring into who you are in search of your true place of belonging in the world. On this winding road of life, I’ve collected clues, like breadcrumbs from the divine, about my true self, my life purpose, and what I’m here to give.

My greatest catalyst and teacher thus far has been my healing journey and successful recovery from Lyme disease, a full-throttle initiation that catapulted me into living from my own 'center' and answering the call of my soul.

I lived for 6+ years with a devastating chronic illness that continually brought me past the edge of everything I knew. I lived through the death of my former self—the person that I was being in the world—and lived for a time empty, listening, receptive, attuning to essence, and practicing surrender as I lived through my own unraveling. It was a trying time full of unknowns and the continual shedding of all that was non-essential.

During this time a new vision was born inside me, along with deeper strength, a truer voice, and a connection to the ancient wisdom of my soul. I have made the leap into a new way of being in the world.

As a result of my own trial by fire, I’m able to do the work that I do and meet my clients with wisdom, compassion, and heart.

Along with my writing, speaking, and facilitation practice, I am an Initiation Guide and Existential Consultant. I support people like you in transforming life challenges and experiences of loss into the powerful rerouting and growth opportunities that these experiences really are.

I specialize in working with individuals who are living through 'soul-initiations'—chronic illness, loss, and other unforeseen life detours that have the potential to unlock unparalleled growth and personal transformation. I help others find their light in the darkness.

 photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

In my work, challenges are alchemized into openings to live more deliberately, to rewrite our life stories so that they are in alignment with what matters most. When we seize the opportunity for change instead of resisting it, life's wake-up calls are potent doorways full of grace. I’m a passionate advocate of embodied presence, heart-centered living, and the movement towards wholeness.

No matter where we’re starting from, I believe that we contain within us all that we need to create meaningful and fulfilling lives. I believe that what shows up is what our soul needs for its next phase of growth and evolution.

 photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

While the depth of what I teach and share stems from my lived experience, I also hold a degree in Philosophy of Religion and Dance Studies with a focus on mysticism, ritual, and ancient wisdom traditions. I am currently completing my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology with a focus on body and soul-centered psychotherapy.

As a passionate student and facilitator of yoga and movement arts, meditation, and breathwork for over a decade, I created a dance/expressive arts therapy modality called ‘Dancing the Wisdom Body’ to help people creatively embody their life stories and heal from the inside out.

I’ve spent over 20 years as an avid student of personal growth and self-actualization and weave all that I’ve gathered and tended into my growing body of work.

My calling is to remind others of the truth of who they are and to help them reconnect to ‘center’—the powerful seat of essence and wisdom that lies within—and to create lives that are in alignment with that innate aliveness. My greatest joy is in holding sacred therapeutic and transformative space in support of healing, transformation, and self-actualization.

I was raised on the gorgeous wild lands of British Columbia, Canada, and am inspired by living a life of reverence that honors our inter-connectedness with all things and with the earth itself. My writing and work reflect my love of wisdom, nature, and beauty.

I love strong coffee, dark chocolate, mornings spent writing, the sound of wind in the leaves, cold plunges in the river on hot summer days, dancing in bare feet, and spending time with my soul family—the people in my life whom I love with my whole heart. I collect pebbles, driftwood, and feathers that I sculpt into dreamcatchers, mobiles, and jewelry in my spare time. La vie est belle.

I am a gentle soul, a fierce warrior, and a mystic continually attuning to source and adjusting my sails to capture and soar on the winds of grace. It is an honor to be here and it is a privilege to do what I do.

Read my reflections about healing and transformation here.

Marie-Ève teaches from a place of personal experience and wisdom that can only come from walking your path and diving deep. This is a rare gift in a teacher. She is beautiful soul steeped in poetry and wisdom.
— Nyk Danu
 photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

photo credit: Yamuna Flaherty

Marie-Ève is a beautiful writer. Illness may not have been the path she would’ve chosen, but the wisdom that comes from walking this path are a true gift for each and every person touched by her work. She is a gift for a world in need.
— Mollie McEvoy